Unlock the
Power of PR.

Is public relations (PR) a nice to have or something more?

Public relations has always played a role in helping companies grow brand awareness. Successful campaigns have also been proven to establish company credibility, shift market perception, differentiate from competitors, and even attract customers or investors.


So when does a PR program make sense, is there value, and can you measure it?

Learn how to unlock content-driven PR programs that aren’t reliant on company news and how to leverage PR results to fuel broader marketing goals including paid advertising and lead gen while also exceeding strategic public relations objectives.

Hear from award-winning PR practitioner, Elizabeth Pera Gordon, founder of House Communications and guest speaker at Stanford. 


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  • When is PR right for you

  • Defining content-driven PR

  • Establishing thought leadership

  • Joining relevant news cycles even when there’s no company news

  • Leveraging PR results across multiple channels 

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